A Fiesta in Heaven

The process of getting to know Carlos and Rosa (not their real names) has been bumpy. It was more than a year ago when we first met them on the street. Realizing they had just moved into the neighborhood, we tried several times to invite them over to our home, with no success. But throughout it all, there was something that continued to encourage us — God had placed them on our hearts.

So, we visited their potato chip business at least once every other week for the purpose of becoming acquainted with them (We used the excuse of being good customers, of course, and were happy to indulge in their wares.) We also spent several months praying for them. Finally, at the close of last year, we had a few meals with them that helped to earn their trust. Since January of this year, we have held weekly Bible studies with them.

Just recently they opened up to us in a large way by declaring their need for Jesus. Since we do not advocate people simply praying a prayer of salvation (If we did so, we would see several people doing just that each month), but rather, we initiate sharing the full gospel message. This includes inviting people to count the cost of what it means to follow after Jesus, reminding them that this decision may bring about times of persecution or rejection from the world. With that understanding in mind, Carlos and Rosa, along with their two daughters, have chosen to surrender their lives to Jesus. Praise God!

Much of the time, the process of discipleship is slow and sometimes even painful to watch, but we are always encouraged to know there is a fiesta in heaven over just ONE sinner who repents.

Rosa told us, “ We never allow people into our lives. How did you sneak in?”

Our response was, “Prayer!”

While we are greatly rejoicing over this family’s decision to commit their lives to Jesus, we know the battle of transformation is real. Please join us in praying for strength and wisdom for these new Christians as they surrender themselves fully to the Savior. Please also continue to pray fro the Vida team as we share the Good News of God’s kingdom here within Mexico’s Circle of Silence and beyond.

Indeed, the fields are ripe for harvest. May we see the fruit of salvation springing up in our midst!

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