We are glad you are here. Vida is all about building stronger communities by collaborating with people like you to train and plant rural Christ-cantered churches with local leaders.

Have you seen yourself working among the less privileged? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to use your skills to create an income-generating project to benefit the less privileged? Does it break your heart that people die daily without Christ? Read on!

Our story

I (Donald) was born in Uganda, where I found Christ as a teen. When my mother moved to the UK and invited me to join her, I went—and helped lead the International Christian Union at college in Eastbourne, UK. I met Becky in 2004 while we were teaching in children’s church together. Becky was born in Eastbourne, and fell in love with Jesus while pursuing her physiotherapist career in London.

Feeling called to be a missionary, I went to Mexico to train further in missions in 2007 and worked with a Mexican church-planting team for seven years in North-Central Mexico near Monterrey while I learned the language. But I could not forget Becky. We got married in 2013. The Lord has been gracious to give us two sons, Ben (4) and Eliot (2).

Circle of Silence in Central Mexico.

circle of silence mexico


Where do you minister? Why?

Then in 2013 we learned that in Central Mexico there is this area called the “Circle of Silence,” because of the dearth of evangelical witness in the area. The region has 115 districts comprising a population of over 23 million people—the largest concentration of unreached people in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Less than one in 100 know Jesus. We believe that no one should ever live and die without having the opportunity to say “Yes” to Jesus.

So in 2014 we moved to San Luis de la Paz to assist the evangelistic outreach and native missionary training efforts of “Buenas Nuevas” (Good News) and a local church-planting network. In 2016 we founded Vida Impact Missions, a US-non-profit to further support the work of BN.

So what are you doing in London?

Having done Theology via distance learning, in 2019 Becky and I decided to go to London, UK for two years for in-depth Bible training at Cornhill (Proclamation Trust). Cornhill is designed to train evangelical preachers in exegesis, exposition and communication skills. Since only one in 10 church ministers in Mexico have any Bible training, we plan to return to Mexico and with a team of likeminded Bible teachers, set up a Bible training center and camp for native gospel workers as part of our “train the trainer” approach. Besides studying, we also serve as ministry trainees and are working alongside a new church plant in Southwest London.

Why the Circle of Silence?

Our heart breaks for those who do not have a relationship with Jesus. We believe no one should pass through this life without being given the opportunity to know Christ. We want to bring the ultimate message of hope, but we also consider practical help as a platform for gospel witness in this region where many are hostile to the gospel.

  • Less than 1% of the population has a life-giving relationship with Jesus.
  • The poverty cycle has grown rampant in this region and we want to give the people employable skills to increase their opportunities
  • An unhealthy culture has developed from corruption and drug cartels operating in the area.


Train, mentor, and provide resources for native gospel workers to plant churches and build stronger Christ-centered communities. These men and women speak the language, live on the same socio-economical level and come from the same disadvantaged communities they serve and clearly understand the obvious needs of the people. We come alongside these dedicated workers to help them grow their businesses, and plant churches.

Can you help?

Can you consider making an impact with us by praying, visiting, or supporting Vida financially?

Your Impact

Vida relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations, and others to help execute and finance its operations. We are there, and you keep us there and operating. Without you, we can’t do what we do. We are always looking for new partners to join the cause and be a part of our team. Consider joining one or more below:

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Have you seen yourself working among the less privileged? Are you an entrepreneur who wants to use your skills to create an income-generating project to benefit the less privileged? Does it break your heart that people die daily without Christ? Vida is about you too. Make your Impact.

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