All financial gifts are designated specifically for the purpose to which they were intended. Your partnership enables Vida to help support the missionaries and their families as they provide spiritual discipleship, educational and vocational training, children’s programs, and drug prevention ministries to the people living in the Circle of Silence.


You can go online to our Donate page and give a one-time donation of $300 or set up a recurring donation of $25 per month for one annual sponsorship. If you prefer, you may mail a check to us directly at:

Vida Impact Missions
101 East Main Street
Humble, Texas 77338

Yes. Vida Impact Missions operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and your donation will be tax-deductible to the fullest extent the law allows.

Travel Opportunities

Our home is always available year-round. Please contact us for details.

Yes. we partner with Transforming Trips. They have been down several times and can help arrange a visit for you. You can also book directly with us.

Not at this, but we have plans for this in the future.

Yes, you can. Contact us to know our current need and where to send them.

We can comfortably fit groups up to 15 people. We do have space for larger groups as well, but special arrangements need to be made. Please contact us for more details.

The regions we work in are considered safe. We have hosted young children to senior citizens without any issues. 

In the house there is WiFi, but in some spots you may experience weak signals.

Yes. We use solar powered boilers, but we also have a gas system for back up.

Business Opportunities

Your investment can have a long-lasting impact by creating business and work opportunities for the native workers. Some of these workers need seed money, others already have a business they would like to expand. Yet others need further education to gain job skills.

Yes. We are part of Guide Star and are working towards being a part of Charity Navigators and ECFA.

If you are willing, we will have place for you. Contact us and we will find an area for your specialty.

Training & Church Planting Opportunities

The “Circle of Silence” is located in Central Mexico and is so called because of the dearth of evangelical witness in the area. The region has 115 districts comprising a population of over 23 million people—the largest concentration of unreached people in Spanish-speaking Latin America. Only one in 100 know Jesus. We believe that no one should ever live and die without having the opportunity to say “Yes” to Jesus.

“Buenas Nuevas” (Good News) is a church-planting network of local church planters, pastors and evangelists. Presently, we are a team of 24 church planters working in nine of the 115, this leaves the vast amount of territory without a gospel witness.

In 2016 we founded Vida Impact Missions, a US-non-profit, to train, support and encourage the BN workers.

Nearly half (44%) of the 23 million people in the Circle of Silence live in poverty; many engage in illicit drug-related activities. 

We seek to equip believers to live for Christ, form legitimate businesses or trades, and make a positive change in their community through the gospel that points them to the Redeemer.

The Bible says that all Christians will face opposition. Discouragement and distraction are two particular ways the ‘the father of lies’ tries to attack.

Most of the 115 districts of the Circle of Silence, with populations between 2,500 and 90,000 people, have no evangelical Christian church. The situation is compounded with direct and systematic persecution of Christians caused by religious leaders and drug cartels. Pray for the few genuine disciples in the region to stand firm in their faith. 

Only one in 10 church ministers in Mexico have any Bible training. It is even worse in the Circle of Silence. Our Focus is to establish a team of likeminded church planters and missionaries, set up a central Bible-training camp for native gospel workers to “train the trainers.”

Jesus commands his disciples to be his witnesses in the Great Commission. In Matthew 28:19-20 we see God’s heart and desire for every nation and people group to be represented in heaven (Revelation 7:9-10). That means taking the gospel to all peoples. So all Christians are called to be part of the “going.” Those who actually travel to another culture need others who serve as senders and supporters. William Carey said, “I will descend down into the pit if you hold the ropes.” These brothers and sisters are already there, but that does not absolve us from helping them. Please pray for them and God’s provision so we can help them effectively.

We are convinced that those who support Vida and the work are one. We believe that as the work prospers, so will our supporters. Together, we will one day rejoice to meet those whose lives were transformed as a result of this partnership.

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