For of Such is the Kingdom of God

In July, we were excited to hold our very first English Camp/Children’s Bible Week, partnering with a team of three from California — Kyle, Christine and Emily. Since it is difficult to host any events related to teaching the Bible in this particular region of Mexico, we advertised it as being a free English Camp. We then used songs, Bible stories, games, memory verses, and crafts — all in English — to teach the children. We praise the Lord that over forty children came! Some were neighbors, some were children of people we have been getting to know, and some were completely new to us. We had a lot of fun, and the kids were able to learn about Jesus while also improving their English skills.

                              Our wonderful volunteers — Kyle, Christine, and Emily — with some of the children

Following is a message from Christine:

I am so glad I went to San Luis de la Paz this summer. I enjoyed being a part of the team and teaching English using KidsStory techniques. I also loved seeing the kids participate in songs, crafts, and skits about the miracles of Jesus. It was really cool to encourage the kids in speaking English, and I also liked hanging out and trying to learn more Spanish.

I think I was impacted the most by the meaningful relationship building that took place in such a short week. I was refreshed by seeing the love that all the Jesus followers there have for God and people. I felt encouraged in using my God-given gift of working with kids and blessed to have had the opportunity to plant seeds in the children’s hearts. I was reminded that He is in control, and I should just walk in joy, obedience, and faith.

God increased my faith while on this trip. The Bible Study group of new believers who are making a stand for Jesus even though it goes against their culture and the approval of their families is inspiring and motivates me to want to live for Jesus, no matter the cost. I also felt so cared for when I was prayed for, and the Lord increased my hope in His plan for me to me a mom one day in the future.

It truly is amazing to experience God’s love through people across language barriers. I am excited about what God is doing in the Circle of Silence, and I tell people about Vida Impact’s vision and the opportunity to get involved. I definitely see myself, and hopefully my husband Josh, visiting Donald and Becky in the future. Praise God for His goodness!

Please continue to join us in prayer for God to open the hearts of all who were in attendance at our English Camp and for His love and salvation to become common here in the Circle of Silence. May the seeds sown throughout this week, and those sown in the future, grow to reap a great harvest in the kingdom of God.

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