Grateful for the Past, Hopeful for the Future

You helped to transform lives in 2017!

Thank you for making this past year a great one. We truly could not have accomplished what we did over the past twelve months without you!


Here are some highlights from 2017:

  •  138 children & youth participated in our summer camps, experiencing the love of God and hearing about Jesus

We met 97 of these young people for the first time this year by making connections in our community in a variety of ways.

One of these youngsters is Fernanda, a beautiful girl who was abandoned as a baby by her mother. Although Fernanda had been adopted by her great-grandmother, she still suffered emotional rejection by the rest of her family and had tried to commit suicide several times. Fernanda was also at risk of falling into prostitution before our missionary partners found her. Through our partners, Fernanda came to faith in Jesus, in Him finding a Father who will never reject and abandon her. She is no longer feeling suicidal and is eagerto complete her education. Both Fernanda and her great-grandmother are being discipled to know Jesus in a deeper and more meaningful way.

  •  86 pastors and missionaries trained in the Circle of Silence, now reaching 1000 people

Through our mission’s conference in January, summer conference, and other events, we have provided training to 86 leaders who are together reaching over 1,000 people in central Mexico alone. We have seen firsthand the way God has blessed and equipped leaders through this training.

As just one example, Chavero had been caught up in a life of drugs and gangs, but came to faith in Jesus three years ago. We have been discipling him, and now he is a rising influential leader within our team. It is a privilege to see how God has used him this year – not just in making disciples, but also in training other leaders, too.

  • 47 people impacted through our marriage & family conferences

Family relationships here are often under pressure, as issues within marriages and the risk of young people being drawn into the local drug trade leads to considerable strain. Our conferences have helped to minister to and strengthen families, enabling them to know Jesus and see their relationships transformed. Some of these families are now part of our bi-weekly home church plants, and others are already sharing the gospel with their extended family members.

One of those impacted is Maria, whose husband had been unfaithful to her. After the marriage conference, Maria told us, “I have found the freedom of forgiveness, restoration and an opportunity to love again. I now want to share this with others who struggle in the same way.” Maria is now deepening her relationship with Jesus through taking part in the Bible studies we lead.

  • Over 700 earthquake victims have received relief.

Following the earthquakes that hit Mexico a few months ago, your generous support enabled us to send relief to those affected in Mexico City, Puebla, and Morelos. With your help, we were able to supply bottled water, food, medication, tents and blankets, and also send volunteers to help comfort people in their distress.

The Hernandez family live in Mexico City. Leticia Hernandez fell and broke her arm as she escaped from her home with her children as the quake hit. Afterward, like many others in her neighborhood, she slept outside, fearing her roof would collapse. Getting to know the Hernandez family and learning of their struggles helps us to meet specific needs as we continue to support affected communities who are still recovering from the impact of the disaster.

  • Our English school continues to expand – with 28 students and high demand for our classes

Teaching English enables us to connect within our community and form relationships with local people and their families, as well as provide students with a valuable skill that improves their educational and job prospects. It’s exciting that people are eager for us to offer more classes, although at the moment, we don’t have the space or the teachers to do more.

Elena came to us to improve her English before applying to complete her Masters. After taking classes with Becky, she successfully got a highly competitive place on her course and is now studying in Mexico City. Through Elena, we also came to know her mother who is now attending our weekly Bible studies.

A quick peek at what’s next in 2018:

You can imagine how encouraged we are as we reflect on the victories, miracles, and breakthroughs we have seen as a result of your generosity this year. We know the road ahead won’t be easy, but we’ve got some God-sized plans:

•  Building a playground at the English school
Vida’s goal is to bring a positive and eternal impact to the Circle of Silence in Central Mexico. We believe we can further pursue this goal by building playgrounds in partnership with Kids Around the World. These playgrounds will provide children with a safe space to engage in sports and games, interact with each other, study the Bible, and even practice learning English together. It also is a place where families in the community will be welcome to come and gather, deepening relationships with each other and with Vida team members, as well. It is our hope that playgrounds will be an avenue for extending the reach of the Gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ. We think this will cost around $ 15,000.

•  Making the Bible accessible to local people
Discipling and growing people in their understanding of Jesus and the Bible is at the heart of all we do. Less than 1% of people in the Circle of Silence have a clear understanding of the Bible. 2.5 million people in our region struggle to read, and most people do not have access to Bibles or discipleship material. We believe that enabling families to hear the word of God in a language and accent they understand will be a great tool in spreading the good news. Because of this,  it is our desire to invest in some solar-powered audio players ($40 each) and distribute them to 115 families so they can listen to the Bible. The fact that these players are solar-powered means they are a sustainable resource that families can use without cost of batteries or electricity.

•  Expanding our thriving English School
Thank God, He has provided all the funds needed for the school enlargement.

More information will be coming soon about these projects and how you can get involved in advancing the Kingdom of God within the Circle of Silence.

As 2017 draws to a close, we want to remind you that YOU are an answer to prayer. Muchas gracias! Thank you so much for partnering with us to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the people of Mexico.

We realize that your financial gifts come at a price – not just monetarily, but in what they represent: skill, talent, time, energy, and less that you could be spending on your own pursuits and loved ones. For that, we thank you.

We also realize that your prayers come at a price, and we want to assure you that those prayers – however long, short, loud, or soft – are powerful and effective. For that, we also thank you!

YOU helped transform lives in 2017. May God’s richest blessings be upon you as we look to the past with gratitude and toward the future with hope and expectancy for the great things our Father has in store!

Our Partners