How an English School Can Help Missionaries Share the Gospel

by: Alexandria Davis

At Vida Impact Missions, a central part of their mission is the English School. This school provides access to education as well as an avenue to connect and build relationships.

This creates an opportunity to share the Gospel, the Good News. 

Here are three ways an English school can help missionaries share the Gospel:

  1. The school allows people to come and get an education, and also can help provide things students may need like food or other necessities, this is a portion of sharing the Gospel, by helping to take care of the needs of others. Matthew 22:38 commands us to love others as ourselves.
  2. Learning English allows for there to be communication. It’s a language that allows both the missionaries and students to share ideas, which allows the Gospel to be communicated and the love of God to be discussed.
  3. Being a missionary at one of these schools allows you to build relationships with those students, and through relationship discipleship can be birthed and this may be the most important of all. This allows you to love others and share your faith through the life you lead. John 13:35 tells us that this is how people will know we serve the Lord, it is in how we love others.

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