Juan’s Story

Isaiah 58:12 says, “And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places; thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations, and thou shalt be called the Repairer of the Breach, the Restorer of Paths to dwell in.”

Born in Mexico City, Juan Antonio García spent his childhood in the care of friends and family while his parents focused on their careers.  Living this way he lacked guidance, but there was always a supernatural hand that covered him with mercy until the day that he came face to face with Christ. That was the day that he left the valley of shadow and death for an eternal life. 

Eight years later, while managing an international company, God called him to serve as a missionary.  Juan moved, with his wife and children, to a small town called Aculco in the State of Mexico to build a ministry of adoption and foster care. 

At the age of 42, Juan is married to his amazing wife Paola and they have two children together. Currently, they are waiting for the arrival of their first two adopted children, making Jaun’s dream come true.

Juan’s goal is to achieve the vision that God gave him, making Mexico a country without orphans by placing them into loving Christian families. In doing so, the children will come to know the unconditional live that their Heavenly Father has for them. Evangelizing in this way, Juan and his family are showing the face of Christ in daily life, impacting the entire community of Aculco, Queretaro and Mexico City.

In the upcoming weeks, look for Paola’s story.

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