Joseph’s Visit

For two weeks, we had Joseph, a young man born in Mexico but grew up in the US, visit us. Here is what he has written:

Visiting Donald and Becky was a great experience, the way I was received made me feel at home. They have a great project with the English Club. I believe English classes are one of the things so many people are in need of. Meeting other brothers and sisters in Christ and being able to share our testimonies with each other reminded me of how and why I began this beautiful journey years ago. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to assist and help at the camp “huella de vencedores”. Doing everything I could to help insure that it was a memorable experience for the children helped me remember how great it feels when you put others first, especially children.

Some of my most memorable moments while visiting Vida Impact Missions in Central Mexico was seeing how relationships are being formed in the community through the English school.  I was able to witness a day of classes and the end of a school period where all of the students had made hats. It was nice to see the amount of creativity they put into making them.  Also, seeing the parents accompany them and getting to know all of the great staff who participate at the school.

Joseph shares from the heart

One day I accompanied Hugo, Ivonne and their son, Isaac to their shop where a friend of theirs in the local community stopped by and shared his testimony about how his life had been transformed.  I shared how I was once on a path of drinking, had used drugs and didn’t practice forgiving that much.

When I was detained for the last drunken episode while I lived in the US; I met some Christians who shared with me about their past and how they were now meeting with other believers in prison to study the bible.  After hearing their testimonies I made the decision that I would and could change. At that point I had read in the bible that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move a mountain. So I decided that if these people had asked God from their hearts for a change in life and received it, then I too could ask for a change in my life.

That is when I prayed to God to never have the desire to drink an alcoholic beverage again.  I can now say thanks to God’s grace and compassion towards me, I am now nine years sober.

Camp time!

Having the opportunity to participate in a Christian youth camp this spring in San Luis de la Paz was an amazing experience.  I saw people come together from different states and so on. A missionary couple from Peru arrived early to help in setting everything up for the camp.  It was inspiring to see the team work with this couple, Donald, Becky, Hugo, Ivonne, Isaac, Cecy, plus others who serve at the Vida base, participate in organizing and carrying out an event that would have a great impact in the lives of children as well as adults.  

We were invited to one family’s house after the camp where we shared our testimonies and about the bible.  The lady whose grandchildren had come to camp was moved to ask if we could pray for her son who had lost his marriage and his health among other things due to his drinking. She also surrendered her life to Jesus.  The next day it was nice to have her and her family accompany us to the church service at the English school.

I am thankful to have met Donald and Becky and the team they work with. I say this because even though I have met missionaries from Mexico and the US before, meeting people who have left their communities, countries, families and comforts to help in a region that is not their home is very admirable.

By Joseph Vega, a young Mexican man who grew up in the US, and now lives in Mexico.

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