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Our 2017 “Walking with God” Kids Camp was a success! This annual camp took place in Union de San Antonio, Jalisco, from April 13th-16th. Children representing eight different towns within the Circle of Silence were in attendance. From our region alone, the North of Guanajuato, we took a total of forty-three people. When we attended our first Kids Camp less than three years ago, we took just five kids and five adults. Clearly, God is good at extending and increasing His work among children in this region. Over the course of the four days, we saw more than seventy children attend and over 120 people participate in the camp. Many children heard the Gospel (several for the first time), and lives were impacted for eternity.

This year’s camp, the largest we have organized to date, focused on the life of Moses. Over the course of the camp, children were taught Bible stories and encouraged to apply biblical principles to their lives. They also heard real-life accounts of missionaries, participated in sports, played games, created crafts, and had lots of fun! The camp culminated in a showcase highlighting dramas and songs the kids had composed in teams throughout the week. On Saturday evening, there was a bonfire with worship and a devotional time. That night we really saw the Holy Spirit descend upon the children as many made a decision to follow Jesus more seriously than ever.

Several of these children come from devoutly religious families in closed communities where Christians are viewed negatively and are often persecuted or rejected. One young man in particular, Alexis, comes from one of these such towns. He had been invited to camp by his neighbor, Fernanda, who has been coming to the camps for the last three years. Surprisingly, Alexis’ parents allowed him to attend, and he had a great time. Missionaries in that town are now praying for Alexis’ parents to allow him to continue participating in Bible studies and are also hopeful it will open the door to reaching the rest of his family with the Gospel.

In addition, Jesus Chavero, one of the missionaries with whom we partner, led a camp experience among the “Chichimeca Indias” the weekend of April 22nd-23rd. Chavero has been sharing with this indigenous group for over a year now and is gradually winning the trust of these people. One family, in particular, has become dedicated in receiving biblical teachings from Chavero, pointing them toward the truth of Jesus as Savior.

This year’s camp among the Chichimeca Indias focused on a call to true heart commitment. A special time was shared during worship, a bonfire, and the viewing of the Jesus film in open air. Please continue to pray for Chavero and his wife Lilly as they work tirelessly to reach this people group with the Gospel of Christ.

May these seeds of God’s life, planted in the hearts of young and old alike, continue to take root and grow deep, yielding transformed lives and a harvest of righteousness for His glory!

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and partnership as we endeavor to extend God’s kingdom in the Circle of Silence.

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