Let the Little Children Come . . .

It’s Vacation Bible School time!

Vida Impact Missions is hosting a four-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) in San Luis de la Paz from July 19th-22nd. We are excited to have some friends from the United States heading our way to help make this happen! You can read a bit of their stories below. Please pray for those who are traveling to Mexico to volunteer their time and to give of themselves in this sacrificial way. Please also pray for all the children who will be in attendance. It is our desire to see God move in the hearts and lives of everyone we encounter through this outreach. We are expecting great things!


Hi, my name is Christine and I am excited to serve with the team in San Luis de la Paz! Although this is my fourth trip to Mexico, I have never been to this particular region, but I am hopeful we will build friendships, connect with Jesus, and grow together as a community in Christ.

I have been a teacher for ten years, and I love working with children. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to serve and help model strategies that not only teach English (through my favorite activities of games, soccer, music, stories, and crafts), but also share about Jesus and biblical truth. I can’t wait to build friendships with the local people, which will hopefully open doors for ministry into the spiritual needs of the community, as well. Through the lessons and activities, I pray the children will understand God’s truth and love for them, so they may go and tell the same truths and stories to the people in their community. By the end of the trip, we hope to have encouraged everyone to live a life following Jesus and to have great compassion for others.

I would love for you to join me in praying for the people of the Circle of Silence and my opportunity to serve there this summer. Please pray for my spiritual growth as I trust God to provide a safe and successful trip. I am very excited to serve, play, and see God’s work displayed (in addition to sharing delicious Mexican food with new friends)!


Hello, my name is Kyle, and I am part of a team that will be traveling to San Luis de la Paz to help facilitate a four-day VBS in partnership with Donald and Becky Kamese. This will be my fifth mission’s trip, and I feel blessed that I have opportunity to return to the people of San Luis so close to my last visit. There is a hunger for the word of God in this region, and I deeply enjoy being a part of these people’s spiritual walks with Christ. It is our desire to teach children the word of God in ways they can understand, and in turn, then share those same stories with their families and friends. We will also take time to make and grow connections with the kids and the community so that we can all take this walk together and help each other to grow closer to God. By the end of this trip, we hope to leave the kids with an understanding of the teachings of the Bible and help to create lasting bonds with the Church.


Hi, I’m Emily, and this is my first mission’s trip. I have a heart for working with children, and I signed up for this trip so I could connect with and teach the kids of San Luis de la Paz more about Christ. During this time, I will be helping with the VBS and hope to inspire the kids through our worship songs. I feel as though God has called me to become a missionary and to help spread the truth of Jesus Christ. Although I have never traveled outside the United States before, I feel there is no better reason to leave than to go on mission for God. This trip is my opportunity to share my love of Christ with the world and to serve Him with all I have.



In addition to hosting this VBS, there are also plans to build a play area next to the English School. This area will provide kids with a safe space to engage in sports and games, interact with each other, and even practice learning English together. The first step in completing the project is to build a wall around the playground which will provide safety for the children, while also being in compliance with the village’s regulations regarding separation of property. The cost to build the wall is $2500. Please pray for this project and consider financially supporting it, as well. Your gift of any amount will help to take the light of Jesus into the Circle of Silence. Together, we can build a community connected in Christ!

To give toward building a wall for the playground project, please follow the link: https://www.vidaimpactmissions.org/donate/?fundraiser=vida-impact-playground-project


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