Future Projects

ministry training camp, vida impact


Ministry Training Camp

The next phase of growth includes a ministry training camp where we can increase the volume of leaders equipped through the Vida Impact Ministry program. Along with ministry training, our long-term desire is to have a youth camp and retreat center, homes for missionaries, housing for orphans awaiting adoption, sports fields, and event space.

We see Vida as the hub for missions activities in the Circle of Silence and as the launchpad for new missionaries throughout the 10/40 Window.

  • Purchase land
  • Develop the land
  • Build the soccer field
  • Build cafeteria and stadium
  • Organize tournaments
  • Develop soccer academy
  • Provide daily rental for facility or complex
  • Share the Gospel and make disciples in house churches


vida impact missions campus


Missions Campus

In the final phase of our growth plan, we will have a campus to further empower the work of missions. Our vision includes facilities that can house, train, and minister to missionaries and Christian leaders from all over Latin America.

The missions campus approach provides a safe place where leaders and students can learn from and encourage each other, glean from a range of experiences, and gain the necessary resources to be successful both on and off the mission field.

  • Purchase land
  • Develop land
  • Build school and missionary homes
  • Build the children and youth camping facilities
  • Build homes for adoption facilities
  • Build sports and recreation facilities
  • Build conference and retreat center

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