Mark’s Visit to the Circle of Silence – Part 2

The primary way this mission builds relationships is through the English school.  It has fun to meet and get to know, a little, pupils of all various ages and to join in the classes run by the excellent teachers here.  I think it is fair to say I have been somewhat of a novelty here and the pupils have enjoyed being able to practice speaking in English with me.

I attend a bible study in a local family’s home with Cecy and Donald.  A mixture of those saved and those yet to be saved attended. Cecy led the study, so I didn’t have an interpreter, but it seemed to me that a lot of discussion took place on the scripture at hand.  A number of prayer requests were made and at least one member of the study who had not prayed out loud did so. It was great to see those folk attend church on the following Sunday.

Donald mentors and trains perspective pastors and I sat in on one of these sessions. A local architect is being trained and really seemed to have done his homework.  

By their presence in the community the team makes new friendships which lead to further contact at the school, at a bible study, at a church service or a cup of coffee somewhere.  Hugo and Ivonne invite me just to hang out at their Cell phone repair shop business. They set up a table where they provide great hospitality to me, other family and friends that come by to say hi and good conversations about Jesus take place.  Such love shown and salt and light shared as they go about their ordinary business. Hugo and his son Isaac also take me to watch Hugo play basketball, another area where Hugo witnesses for Jesus just by being himself.

Annually a group of ordinary yet amazing folk from a local missions agency that Donald and Becky help lead get together at a camp retreat about 5 hours drive away for about 30 hours to share their testimonies of what God is doing in and though their missionary lives and ministries.  After, prayer requests are made and they gather around one another and pray. Time is taken over meal times, within the clean up teams and at any other time available to talk, encourage and build each other up. Motivational messages are preached, informative facts and figures are projected onto the wall and there is even time for relaxing together over a movie.

A warm welcome was extended to me as I attend a local church with Donald on Sunday where he was the ‘guest preacher’.  The worship team led an enthusiastic time of worship and even though I understood only very few words on the screen, I found myself moved by the presence of Holy Spirit.  Donald preached on scripture in his usual inimitable style.

I had the privilege of going with Jesus Chavero one of the missionaries mentored by the Kamese’ to his mission field, an indigenous Mexican tribe called the Chichimecas.  I visited a family and a family friend who are the only ones in their family who have surrendered their lives to Jesus. They had gathered to study God’s word. Instead they got me and my testimony.  As I prayed about the evening God gave me a scripture to share. It was so amazing how that scripture was relevant to the father of the family and he was moved to tears as he shared how. We shared handkerchiefs and embraced and Holy Spirit just united all our hearts as we chatted, shared more scriptures and got to know one another.  I’m so grateful to Cecy again for her translation help.

It really has been fantastic to meet such ordinary, yet extraordinary folk. To see how God has transformed their lives and to experience their willingness to die to themselves, their plans for their lives and to forgo their comfort and respond to the need of others to meet Jesus…. WOW!!!

Thank you all for embracing me and including me in your lives in such a loving way and thank you Jesus for saving us and giving us life to the full in you!!!

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