Meet Cecy

We have a new team member joining us! Below is Cecy’s story.

Hello!  My name is Cecy Gomez and I have a heart to serve children and young people.  I met Jesus when I was 16 years old and have been serving him since I turned 19.  In 2005, I entered seminary school and received a degree in Theology and a degree in Chemical Engineering!  After graduating I began working in ministry, mainly focused on Christian Education. I served the youth in four different churches, made two mission trips to Durango, Mexico, and eventually became a local pastor.

About this time, I heard a preaching on missions and it stirred something in my heart.  God began to sow in me the need to go to the unreached. During my two trips to Durango, I began to dwell on mission work and my vision for ministry began to change.  Now that the seed had taken root, God gave me an opportunity to grow the fruit by introducing me to an organization called Operation Mobilization.

Operation Mobilization (OM) takes the gospel message to many countries and introduces natives to Jesus Christ.  My heart began to beat for those people and as I got more involved with OM activities God granted me access on the OM Logos Hope Ship.  In September 2009, I set sail to different countries and practiced door to door evangelism, miming, and relationship building. I was made a team leader in gospel outreach wherever the ship anchored.  After two years on board, I was given a new opportunity to serve in Birmingham, U.K.

For the next two years, I would serve as an English teacher to migrant families living in the U.K.  I was able to help them assimilate easier and that gave me access to building relationships with the people.  I predominantly worked with the Muslim women in different areas, created sewing groups to connect friendships, and ran a Girl’s Club every Saturday for 9-15 year old girls.

Reflecting back on all of this has really shown me how good God is.  There were hard days and hard work. Trying to live with people from different cultures, ideas, and beliefs can be difficult at times.  But the Lord’s faithfulness has always been my strength. Being a part of the body of Christ is an honor that I embrace. You give the best you have to God in service, and he will create a better life for you than you can ever imagine.  I am so excited for the next chapter God is writing for my life by joining Vida Impact Missions. Everything they believe and are asking of me fits in perfectly with my experience and background. God is a wonderful author!

~Cecy Gomez, Monterrey, Mexico.

Cecy with Becky

We are delighted to welcome Cecy as our new member on the Vida team in Mexico. Cecy will be taking over the English school administration from Becky and I as we continue to prepare our time away from Mexico. She will also be dedicating her time in discipleship and developing a children’s ministry here in San luis de la Paz. Thank you so much for your prayers in this process.

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