On Mission: A Message from the Field

One of the best parts of serving with Vida Impact Missions is the opportunity to host people like YOU who come to join us for a missions experience in Mexico. The following is a report from a young woman who was willing to GO – “Get Out!” of her comfort zone and step into the world of native missions here in the Circle of Silence. We hope you enjoy her story.

My visit to Mexico in March 2017 was my second trip to the country, having visited Donald in San Pedro, Coahuila, Northern Mexico in 2010. I was keen to go again as I had heard quite a lot about and prayed for Donald and Becky’s ministry for several years. I was excited to be able to see and to participate in their ministry to those who live in the Circle of Silence in Central Mexico.

Upon my arrival, Becky and I spent the day in Mexico City, which is huge, extremely busy, and very diverse. It is hectic and crowded in parts, with houses and apartments built into the hillsides, while other areas have wide streets with skyscrapers and lots of traffic. Both of us were amazed to see the people being pushed and squeezed into already jam-packed buses during rush hour!

We then traveled about three hours northeast to San Luis de la Paz, a much smaller town than Mexico City, with a pretty square and market. I spent just over a week there with Donald, Becky, and little Benjamin. It was inspiring to see their commitment to reaching the local people and to building relationships with them. It was also lovely just to spend some time together chatting. Becky took me out and about the town, and one evening in particular, we went up to a lookout point where we could see the whole village spread out below us.

Beautiful people, beautiful culture

During my time with the Kamese family, I met friends of theirs, co-workers in the ministry, and some of the students they teach. Mexicans seemed to me very warm and friendly people who value relationships. They were always happy to stop and talk, and keen to invite you into their homes to eat. I was treated to desserts and delicious fruit punch. On one occasion, we visited a large family who lives on a farm a bit outside of San Luis. We sat in their beautiful garden and studied the Bible together with some of the ladies. It was a very special experience.

My visit provided time to not only meet people but to also come alongside the Kameses as they reached out to the local population in different ways. One of the main thrusts of their ministry is teaching English classes. Offering these lessons on a regular basis not only provides a bit of tuition income to help support their ministry, but most importantly, it allows Donald and Becky to build relationships and develop contacts with local families and individuals. While there, I observed lessons and taught both adults and children in the classrooms built especially for this purpose. There was a nice, relaxed atmosphere and all the students seemed willing to learn. The Kameses also run an English Cafe once a fortnight which offers students and teachers of English a great opportunity to chat, play games, sample some English cakes, and generally practice using their spoken English. All are welcome and it’s totally free. I enjoyed playing Scrabble and other word games with those who attended.

English classes with Becky

Both Donald and Becky also mentor others under the organization of a group called Buenas Nuevas (translated Good News). They believe strongly in the value of discipleship, basing their focus on 2 Timothy 2:2 “ And the things you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” Becky regularly Skypes with a young missionary working in Spain, and Donald meets with several young men on a regular basis. I was privileged to meet one of the missionaries who works among an indigenous group called the Chichimeca, a people struggling with high rates of alcoholism and suicide. It was encouraging to visit this community outside of San Luis and to hear how lives are slowly being changed as they are introduced to the Gospel.

Life in the Chichimecas

One day following a prayer walk in the neighborhood of San Luis, they were approached by a woman who was intrigued in hearing English being spoken, and so struck up a conversation with them. As a result of this encounter, her daughter began receiving regular English lessons from Becky. This, in turn, brought Becky into contact with another group of ladies. From this initial introduction, a Bible Study gathering developed, and they now also meet with several other groups to study together. I really enjoyed attending some of these meetings and taking part in discussions with them. It was good to see people so clearly engaging with the Scriptures while being open to learning more. In this way, the Kameses are able to teach the Bible to and encourage those who have a Christian background, but little revelation of the Word of God.

I also really enjoyed worshiping together and studying the Bible on Sunday morning with some of Donald and Becky’s closest friends. We later all traveled to historic Dolores de Hidalgo, the birthplace of Mexican independence. While there, we sampled some mouthwatering ice cream and explored the shops displaying traditional ceramics. The food was wonderful, such good value and really tasty. I particularly loved the chilaquiles with eggs, refried beans, and salsa!


Sharing Sunday lunch
Bible Study with Donald

All in all, it was a blessing to come alongside Donald and Becky — to spend time with them, to see their work up close, and to support their vision by getting involved in practical ways. Mexico is an amazing country and this was an experience I won’t soon forget. It was exciting to see how God is building His kingdom here, and I hope there will be more visits to come!

(Story and photos used with permission of Mel Whittle)





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