Testimony of a Missionary in Training

You may remember meeting our friend Joel Panderas from a previous blog  https://www.vidaimpactmissions.org/2017/06/missionary-in-training/ The Vida team had the privilege of hosting Joel for three months of on-site missions training and discipleship. While we will miss his presence with us, we are excited to see the plans God has for him in the future. Following is a short post from his time spent with us.

Joel (far left) with some friends from the Circle of Silence

Before traveling to the Circle of Silence, I had a very different perspective regarding the expansion and development of the gospel. Prior to this experience, everywhere I have worked has been in places where the gospel was in abundance and in constant growth. Even having finished theological studies at seminary, I did not have sufficient knowledge of how to make and develop new disciples in Jesus Christ until my journey into the Circle of Silence.

In the Circle of Silence:
– I learned new ways to evangelize.
– I learned what life is like in a mission field where there is no gospel representation.
– I learned how to develop new disciples.
– I learned how to plant new churches.
– I learned more about interpersonal relationships.
– I came to understand the real needs of the people who live in the Circle of Silence.
– I came to understand the importance of accountability.

God used me to work in various tasks, with the goal of earning the acceptance and trust of people, so I could transmit the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them in a practical way. Through my mentor Donald Kamese, God taught me the importance of teamwork partnered with patience, passion, and commitment. In this way, not only could I communicate better with people but also present the gospel in a respectful, dynamic, and intelligent way. Implementing the things I was learning helped to open the door to share the gospel through chronological stories of God’s word, calling attention to the truth that Jesus Christ is the only Savior and Intercessor between God and men.

I hope to continue my missionary and evangelistic ministry in different countries of the American continent. It is my desire to train disciples who make other disciples, and in this way, to consolidate faithful believers with a clear vision so they impact the community and society where they live. I will, of course, continue to carry the Circle of Silence in my prayers and invite others to travel there to work in the 115 unreached municipalities where a gospel representation and missionary church are so desperately needed.

In closing, I would like to leave you with this reminder from Amilcar Martinez, a missionary from the missions agency Fronteras:
Today’s evangelism is about carrying out new strategies every day to connect with people and their reality.

I would also like to express my thanks to my friend and brother Donald, his wife Becky, and their children. May God bless you greatly. You are an example of faith, conduct, love, and patience in the work of God. I love you very much and will always carry you in my prayers.

Joel and his fiancee

The Vida team was blessed to have Joel with us for this time of intensive missions training. Please pray for Joel as he goes back to Guatemala where he will be married to a local girl. It is their desire to plant a church together. 

May God receive much glory from their efforts and extend the bounds of His kingdom through their ministry.

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